Hero No. 1 Afsomali

Two young Indians, Meena and Rajesh, meet in Europe and fall in love with each other, promising to get married when they return back to India. When they return home, Rajesh tells his dad about Meena, and they go to meet with Meena’s dad. During this meeting, both fathers get into an argument, and refuse to permit the young couple to get married. No amount of persuasion gets them to change their minds. Then Rajesh, with Meena’s help, decides to work as a servant in Meena’s household – with a view of winning over her father, and thus finding a solution to their wedding problems. Will Rajesh succeed in fooling Meena’s shrewd father?

Govinda….Rajesh ‘Raju’ Malhotra
Karisma Kapoor….Meena Nath/Malhotra(After Marrying Rajesh Malhotra)
Kader Khan….Dhanraj Malhotra, Rajesh’s father, big businessman
Paresh Rawal….Dinanath, Meena’s grandfather
Satish Shah….Pappi
Tiku Talsania….Vidya Nath
Himani Shivpuri….Shanno, Meena’s aunt
Shakti Kapoor….Babu (Special Appearance)
Shashi Kiran….Shanno’s husband, Sunil
Anil Dhawan….Paresh Rawal’s Son
Shagufta Ali….Anil Dhawan’s wife
Reeta Bhaduri….Tiku’s wife
Rakesh Bedi….Dhanraj Malhotra’s Secretary
Omkar Kapoor….Anil Dhawan’s Son
Harish Kumar….Meena’s prospective husband

Comedy | Musical | Drama

21 February 1997

Alfaghi Studio

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  1. salman says:

    asc.w.w all madaxda somflims aad iyo aad ayaa idin tageeraa run ahaantii waxaad tihiin wahelkka somali oo dhan
    aad baan idin jeceyl nahay filimaanta aad noo soo daysaan mar walbo aad wax sooo glisisaan waxaan idin lee yahay tnx

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  3. Ayaanlaki says:

    I Love den

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