Loukyam Afsomali

Venkateswarulu(Gopichand) a wayward guy helps his friend to elope with his lover from her brother Babji(Sampath) who is a dangerous don in Warangal. Knowing this his father Puppy(Chandramohan) drives him away from house. Venky started staying with his friend(Satyam Rajesh). One day he falls in love with Chandrakala (Rakul Preet Singh). But he gets to know that she is sister of Babji. How Venky will win his love forms the crux of the story

Gopichand as Venkateswarlu/Venky
Rakul Preet Singh as Chandrakala/Chandu
Bramhanandam as Sipaana Sridhar/Sippy
Mukesh Rishi as Keshava Reddy
Sampath Raj as Babji
Brahmana as hero
Chandra Mohan as Meka Papa Rao/Puppy
Rahul Dev as Sathya
Bharath Reddy as Bharat
Prabhakar as Shankar
Hamsa Nandini as Hamsa Sippy
Pragathi as Papa Rao’s wife
Shyamala as Neetu
Posani Krishna Murali as Guptaji

Action | Romance

26 September 2014


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2 thoughts on “Loukyam Afsomali”

  1. filmka goormee la sidenay somfilms

  2. dalka says:

    filmkan waa goorma aqayareey

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