Talaash: The Hunt Begins… Afsomali

After receiving pardon from his jail term Babu return home to find that his family consisting of his wife, Purnima, his son, Arjun and daughter Pooja are in a destitute way of living which then pushes him to release information to the police that he were concealing as his three gangster bosses Chhote Pathan, Rajoo Singh and D.K. Sharma fail to carry out their promise of taking care of his family. The duo then retaliates by beheading Babu in the presence of Purnima and in the process abducting Pooja resulting in Purnima losing her senses. 10 years later Arjun hopes to re-unite his mother with her daughter and goes about a quest to look for his sister but in order to make this possible he must first overcome all obstacles placed in his way by the three gangsters.

Akshay Kumar … Arjun
Kareena Kapoor … Tina
Pooja Batra …Kamini
Raakhee … Purnima (Arjun’s mother)
Kabir Bedi … Chhote Pathan
Gulshan Grover … Sardarji
Shakti Kapoor … Upadhyay
Dalip Tahil … D.K.
Arbaaz Ali Khan… Rocky (Chhote Pathan’s henchman) pie $
Anirudh Agarwal
Upasana Singh

Action | Musical | Romance | Thriller

3 January 2003 (India


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4 thoughts on “Talaash: The Hunt Begins… Afsomali”

  1. adde says:

    filinkan goorma firsaday waayo wayo xasuus

  2. adde says:

    i love akki he is my favorite actor in bollywood haye gabdhaha xaafada ila soo xiriira
    mar walba wa iney jeclahay

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